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Curriculum Vitae

Translation projects

Translation of EU texts within the areas transport, environment and energy.

Translation of IT related document such as marketing content for computers, printers, servers, networks etc.

Translation of sales contract for apartments in Spain, Spanish to Swedish.

Translation of EU document for fisheries agreement, English to Swedish.

Translation of tourist information, Spanish to Swedish, 150 000 words.

Translation of manuals for excavators, microwave ovens etc.

Translation of educational material for the European Schoolnet, continuous projects since 2013.


University of Gothenburg

Degree of Master of Arts in Professional Translation, Translation into Swedish of Language for Special Purposes.Translation from English and Spanish into Swedish. The education includes translation of text from different areas such as economy, science, technology, law and also general documents.


Karlstad university

Introduction to law, 15 ECTS credits

Lund university

Introductory and intermediate courses in English

Intermediate and advanced courses in Spanish

Linnaeus university

Introductory course in Spanish

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